Mohsen Zaki

CEO & Coach

I am of a small town located in Upper Egypt, where I was raised in middle class. At a young age, I made the decision to move to the Red Sea Governorate.I experienced instability at the beginning of my moving because of leaving my home and my community behind . However, as I acclimated to my new surroundings, I realized that the Red Sea Governorate would be my new home, and I was determined to adapt to it. The city is a scenic tourist destination, containing a diverse array of cultures and attracting a skilled and educated workforce. This transition greatly impacted my personal and professional growth and development.

Throughout the years, I have develpoed through various roles in work, ultimately realizing that diversifying my professional opportunities is more valuable than solely investing in a single career route. This led me to become a successful entrepreneur in my thirties.

I have a strong interest in marketing, particularly in digital marketing, which led me to earn a professional Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. At present, I view myself as being at the forefront of success with numerous aspirations and goals yet to be achieved. I am currently serving as the Marketing Manager for this project.

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